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Whiskey Robinson – Associate Producer, Production (Any Pronouns)

Whiskey Robinson is an illustrator based in the Greater Seattle area that specializes in horror and fantasy art. They have been working in various haunted experiences around the state since 2015 as an actor, artist and set builder. These experiences include Maris Farms’ Haunted Woods in Buckley, WA, and the Seattle cast of House of Spirits: A Haunted Soiree.


In 2022, they graduated from Northwest College of Art and Design as valedictorian, and received a bachelor’s in graphic design and illustration. They’re excited to bring their ambition, art and enthusiasm to LIT, and to help cook up an incredible show. 

How do you get LIT?


Whiskey is a big fan of bog witches, cowboys, and little fluffy kitties with big paws. They hope to become a werewolf one day and run off into the woods where they’ll live wild off of berries and unfortunate hikers. For now, however, they’re satisfied with playing their TTRPGs and watching their favorite animated films, such as Wolfwalkers and the Madagascar trilogy. 

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