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Greg Stackhouse – Operations Director (He/him)

Greg Stackhouse has been working as an Operations Guru since 2003. His origin story begins in technology, specifically video games. From there, he went on to manage operations for a technology company that specialized in B2B security solutions.  His day jobs are only more than half of the story.  Greg has also been performing in Seattle and around the globe since 1991. His two competencies have finally collided at LIT Immersive, where, although he’ll rarely perform, he delivers his Operations expertise to a cause and a team he knows and cares about. 


What get’s Greg Lit?

Greg loves the theater and any show that can be funny one minute and rip your heart out the next. During the day, he gets thrilled when he receives 85% compliance on credit card receipts. He’s the undisputed office curmudgeon with a heart of gold.  On the weekends, he can be seen playing golf during the day and performing at night. He is also passionate about good coffee and is not afraid to audibly exhale while holding eye contact when you serve him a poor espresso.

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