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LIT Immersive 

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Journey into imaginative worlds with LIT IMMERSIVE; worlds that are intoxicating and uniquely filled with wonder and mystery.

LIT IMMERSIVE will be your events and entertainment home, whether you are looking for a holiday event that sparkles, a haunted ​attraction that frights, or a night filled with strange and mysterious moments.

Getting LIT means you are ready to experience something new and unique that engages all the senses and fills you with wonder and surprise. Discover and experience interactive storytelling that will delight, mystify, horrify and move you.  

LIT IMMERSIVE is creating the first venue fully dedicated to year round immersive entertainment and events in Seattle, Washington.  


LIT IMMERSIVE will feature both Family Friendly and Adult themed events, as well as permanent immersive attractions, in the Georgetown area of Seattle, Washington.

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